Mom life/frozen pizza life

You know what I think is romantic? My husband putting nail polish only fingernails while I fall asleep and then comfortably laying me down and watching my hands for 30 minutes to make sure I don’t ruin my nails. That is romantic. You guys, I am tired all the time. It’s especially draining because I’veContinue reading


Here’s the shortest blog post for the shortest month of the year. Just wanted to share this podcast by the wonderful women on “Stuff Mom Never Told You”. They did an episode called “How Sponsored Content Killed the Mommy Internet” and if you’re a mom or a woman who lives on the internet and/or usesContinue reading

We’re all sick…

I want to apologize to all 3 of my readers, probably -3 at this point in this blog’s life. I can’t say that too much has happened which caused this severe lack of blog posts. We’re just living here in Atlanta doing our best, freelancing, and trying not to get sick. Alas, we all gotContinue reading

A Letter To My Cat

Dear Burger, We’ve been friends for more than 3 years now. I’ve been your faithful owner for more than that. We used to sleep next to each other, but now you like sleeping next to Mark because I don’t pay much attention to you since Miles arrived. I also understand that Mark emanates a lotContinue reading

My Favorite Things

I like watching vlogger’s “My Favorite Things” videos. The first week of the month, I have all these “My Favorite Things” videos from beauty bloggers flood my feed and I get excited to wash the dishes and listen to these women rave about face cream or some value pack smoothie mix you can find onContinue reading

Christmas is Already Here

Picture of Christmas decor already up

Yes, it has begun. Christmas decorations went up on November 10 for purely logistical reasons. We spend Thanksgiving at our house and Christmas at my parents’.  Since we’re here for Thanksgiving and not Christmas, I decided to optimize my Christmas decor a few days early. Any by a “few days” I mean two weeks. LikeContinue reading