Goodbye couples getaways, hello family vacations

In September, my family and I are going on our first cruise on the motherfuckin’ Disney Dream. We’re not cruise people but we’ve always been Disney people. We’d go every summer. Watching the Weather Channel early in the morning brings me back to those early summer mornings right before the trip. I knew that when I heard that soft jazz endlessly on repeat, we’re moments away from packing our Toyota Previa, making a pit stop for McDonald’s breakfast, and then off to Disney!

Disney Dream cruise ship
4 days on this behemoth of beautiful Disney-branded fun.

We rarely had “grown up” vacations when I was kid. It wasn’t until I was in high school that we travelled to cities versus good ol’ Mickey’s wonderful world of churros and that tea cup ride. Now that we have a little bebe, we’ve switching to family vacation mode. The main reason we chose this cruise was because it was a Disney cruise…and I heard they throw LEGIT parental relaxation happy fun times. ¬†There’s a spa on board, we’ll have an endless supply of food and ice cream, themed-dinners, servers who will entertain your kid, there will be no fights buckling him in and out of his carseat, and no crazy maneuvers getting around on narrow streets with his stroller.

Vacationing with little kids takes a lot of work. Part of me feels guilty because I feel like we need to expose him to different cities and be a well-rounded, articulate, young man who’s well-traveled and well-read. Too far fetched? How does that all compare to a Cars-themed eatery and three pools? A Finding Nemo splash zone? A water slide?! I know that 5 year old me would pack away 3 soft serve ice cream cones a day and hunt down Goofy every chance I get. He’ll always have his college summer vacations to backpack around wherever.

I’m ready to fully embrace family vacationing and I wouldn’t mind making this cruise an annual thing.

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Photo credit: Disney Dream cruise

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