Conversations with my 2(ish) year old

Picture of Miles' uneaten breakfast
A long forgotten breakfast

Me: Want do you want for breakfast?

Kid: Eat? EAT?  EAT. *shuffles to his trusty chair and pushes it in his corner of the kitchen counter. Proceeds to climb it.*

Me: Yeah, oatmeal sounds like a good idea! How about some eggs? How would you like your eggs cooked?

Kid: Poon! POON! POON!

Me: So scrambled? That’s a safe bet, better to be thoroughly cooked for wee bebes like you! You can eat it with a spoon too, so yeah “poon”, it is!

*I make scrambled eggs and oatmeal. Put it one of his brightly colored plates.*

Me: Alright! Here you go!

Kid: Booberries? Booberries? Booberries.

Me: No… all I have are eggs.

Oh yeah, you can’t really have conversations with almost 2 year olds.

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