Throwback Thursday: My Delivery Story

To go along with “10 Things I Needed As A New Mom”, I’m posting my delivery story, which when rereading it after for so long, is just a stream of consciousness. I remember writing this and just wanting the experience out of me, so I wrote about it.

I’m surprised I didn’t add the Nerdist podcast bit. After I delivered my baby and I was losing a lot of blood, so I was in a constant state of fear. I made Mark play me a Nerdist podcast to distract me. He asked, “Which one do you want to listen to?” “I don’t care! Anything.”  He was standing there holding the phone next to my head while I was quietly freaking out wondering where my baby was (he was in his little baby incubator across the room) and why am I not “done” with this delivery yet.

Picture of my newborn baby dated August 18 2015  

Welcome To The World, Kid

“Oh I think that’s my mucus plug.”

On Monday, I noticed something weird in my underwear which prompted an emergency visit to my OB/GYN. We had to make sure that the amniotic sac wasn’t slowly leaking and possibly lead to an infection. I had the choice to wait it out and go into labor naturally, but run the risk of getting an infection, or have my doctor break the bag and start it now.

We decided to break the bag and roll with it. At that point, I was already at 4cm and it felt I was already in pre-labor, so we wanted to get him out safely. I’m going to say labor started at 2:30. That’s the time when I remember feeling my contractions every couple of minutes. We were in the birthing room by 5pm. At around 6pm or 7pm, I was in tears asking for an epidural.

Getting an epidural was terrifying but the pain was unbearable for me. The epidural stung and it felt weird but I felt so much better and pain was manageable. At this point, everything seemed to slow down and I just sat uncomfortably for hours until my body was ready to deliver. We had a lot of scares with his heartbeat (maybe it was just scary to me) and there was a lot of readjusting my limp body so we can better hear his heartbeat, and there was a lot of time spent with an oxygen mask.

When the big finale came, I was ready more than scared. It was 1 in the morning and I was exhausted and I wanted this to be done. The nurse helped with the first stages of pushing until he started crowning. It really does feel like your doing a #2. For every contraction, I had to push 3 times. His head was finally showing and the nurse told me that he had a head full of black hair. I was so relieved.

When I started feeling the pressure of his head, the nurse said I had to wait until the doctor came. I was furious. I kept on asking if I could push now without this damn doctor and the nurse compassionately reassured me that he was coming soon. Where was he? Why wasn’t he here already? Why did I have to wait?  Am I not paying you all to help with this?! He casually walked in and started prepping. I wanted to yell. “On with it, doctor!!!”

In 40 minutes, I delivered this darling boy. I am proud of that. I did have third degree tearing and lost a lot of blood. I had low blood pressure and had to take blood and urine culture tests, which by the way, they stuck me 6 times looking for a good vein.

It was definitely not how I wanted to spend my first hours with my baby. It was an overall shitty time and it still is. I had to get stitches for the tearing and there’s a constant stream of Motrin going into my mouth. I’m also deathly afraid of pooping.

But he is a lovely little boy. His cheeks spill over his face. His hair is long and black and he has a swirl on top of his head. He smells like milk and baby powder. I love him so much and I can’t wait to play with him… when my stitches heal.

Originally posted on August 21, 2015

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