The Park Dad Story

Picture of park bench

Sometimes when you’re soaking in sweat and you have a wedgie that’s increasingly becoming more ferocious and obnoxious with every minute, someone notices you. And then you realize that you can be a mom and still be a woman. Tl;DR: You’re still a hot piece of ass and I don’t care how many times you’veContinue reading

Badass, nonetheless.

When I chopped off all my hair, my sister said to make sure I don’t get a “may I speak to your manager” haircut. You know the short hair/helmet combo? It is usually paired with an embroidered vest and crisp, white sneakers. I assured her that that was not the look I was going for.Continue reading

A Good Ugly Cry

box of tissues, remote control, and another remote control

Since becoming a mom, I’ve been enjoying the emotional roller coaster that is watching dramatic movies with a child in it. It’s true that you become 150% more invested in movies with kids and whatever obstacles the parent must overcome. Before baby, I cried during 3 movies: Charlotte’s Web Lilo and Stitch Shawshank Redemption ThereContinue reading