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I’m sick and I’m back at home with my parents. For any mom, this is probably the best setup: to be in a familiar place and get taken care of while someone you trust cares for your child. I’ve been sitting in my old bedroom since yesterday, eating all the Filipino comfort food my dad can make, and my parents are taking care of Miles safely far away from me and my germs. Even though I am sick and it’s cutting into my makeup shopping happy fun time/shopping for my Toy Story Woody costume, I realize I am lucky enough to be at home.

Since I feel like I’m constantly underwater and I literally twee with glee when I get to take my NyQuil, today’s blog post will be an easy listicle. Easy for me to write, easy for you to read, it’s a win-win situation. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the position as a sick mom to totally veg out while your kid is taken care of (a dream for me), this is for you. Or if you find yourself sick with the idea that innocent people are dying because there’s too much hate in this world and you need to just distract yourself for a little bit because you can’t handle, I have a list for you today.

Th Handmaid's Tale promo photo

We just recently subscribed to Hulu, so I’ve been binge-watching The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s a heavy show, but it’s a perfect show to accompany with what’s happening in the world today. Being a fan of apocalyptic shows and even sometimes period shows, this show satisfies both of those genres. I became more passionate about women’s reproductive rights after I became a mother and this show is about all of that: being a woman, women’s right, being a mother, a woman’s place in society.

My favorite part: The soundtrack. Flashbacks in the show and the soundtrack jolts me back into the fact that is a modern day story. It seems to stupid to mention but it’s effective. This dystopia could be around the corner and we don’t even know it yet.

I'm Sorry promo

I had high hopes for this show because I weirdly enjoyed the opening sequence and I was looking forward to a funny mom show. You can compare this show to Scary Mommy memes — just punchline after punchline and there isn’t much depth to it.  With all of it’s normcore chatting, I feel like it’s inspired by Louie but it doesn’t quite hit the mark. Somehow Louis C.K. humor and bleak perspective on life get’s it so, so right.

Memorable scene: Still, I’ll continue watching it because of one scene where they broke down a Shawshank Redemption metaphor.

Better Things promo

Perhaps I included I’m Sorry to lead up to this jewel I recently found on Hulu. Where the former lacks in mundanity of parenthood and humor, Better Things makes up for it tenfold. Better Things gets the precious moments with children right and then the moments when parenthood rears its ugly head and you’re sitting in a mall while your kid is just crying and there’s nothing you can do about it.

There are scenes where Andrea from I’m Sorry and Sam from Better Things are each driving around the city chauffeuring their kids or driving to work. I look at Andrea’s face and demeanor and I just want to punch her in the throat where all I want to do is tell Sam to drive to the closest bar so I can buy her a drink. I need someone to watch both shows so we can talk about this. I feel like I could write about these two shows all day.

Memorable scene: The first scene where the kid is crying over a pair of earrings and Sam turns to a woman and basically puts her on blast.

Screenshot of Adam Ellis' haunted house tweet
Adam Ellis’ Twitter is worth a follow

And lastly, because I am sick and have to take a break from TV every now and then, I recommend following this frightening story about this illustrator (who’s comics are hilarious) being haunted by a ghost. At first, I thought it was a promo for an upcoming partnership or project or even a social media experiment, but he’s been continuing the story since the beginning of this month. It’s a eerie story that had me scrolling scared while I reading people’s reaction. Make sure to check his regular feed for more parts of the story and because he’s generally an awesome person.

Memorable tweet: Any tweet that derides Adam having a green rocking chair in his room.

Ok, please excuse any typos because I just took medicine and I want to fall in a deep hole of video streaming, potato chips, soup, and cold medicine.

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