Flashback Friday: Leaving Austin

As much as I miss Austin, it always feels good to be home in Atlanta. Sure the roads are kind shittier here and it’s hard to go anywhere without tripping over a chicken bone, but I went to college here, so it’s a second home. I know I could’ve made Austin another home, which angers me when I think about it. We moved to Austin so we could find better jobs, but we made a little family instead.

I came to Austin thinking I’m going to work at different advertising agencies and pictured myself working late at the office and drinking beers at a nearby bar. Instead I have memories of frequent trips to HEB, napping in grocery store parking lots (don’t ask), and lots of memories in our apartment. I was afraid to leave the house with a newborn, so we spent a lot of time exploring our neighborhood and nearby parks. The imprint that Austin left on me is very different than what I thought it was going to be. It’ll always remind me of Miles as a newborn, our neighborhood tucked in the rolling hills, and Torchy’s Tacos. Duh.

Leaving Austin

Tiny baby

It’s weird to leave the place where you first got to know your son. We’re moving all our furniture and knick knacks into the garage and our home is becoming to look more and more like the apartment we first walked into almost a year ago.

Now, I’m starting to think of all the Miles-related memories I have like when I was folding his socks a mere week before he entered the world, where I stayed up with throughout half the night feeding him and watching Scandal, the walking route I took around the apartment when I try to calm him down. I hate to leave a place that’s been so significant in my life.

I’m terribly sad that we have to leave this place and this city because I lived a lot of life in Austin. As much as I’ve been wanting to be closer to family, I wish I could move Austin closer to Atlanta. And as much as I’ve never felt like Austin accepted me, I still want to try harder to love it. I know Miles would love it here and I know maybe even adult Miles could live here. I tell myself that maybe one day we will move back. One day, when we’re older and more prepared maybe we’ll come back and live up high in the hills again. We can watch movies at the Alamo Drafthouse and go swimming in Barton Springnewborn babys.

That’s definitely the sentimental part of me talking. The first few months of your first born’s life are so precious and I’d love to be constantly reminded of how sweet and stressful and peaceful and exhausting it was. I’m going to miss our old home and the old memories it carries.

Originally posted on June 13, 2015

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