Mom-Friendly Music

Are you a parent? Do you have music you no longer listen to because it’s weird hearing about fucking or getting high while your toddler is pointing out the color of cars while you drive by them?

If you are and you do, welcome to the club!

St. Vincent came out with Masseduction this month. I’ve been a longtime St. Vincent fan and her increasingly weirdness has never shied me away from her music. Her new album, while perfectly suits my DGAF mood as of late, is sadly not toddler-appropriate.

I’ve always wanted Miles to listen to the music we listened to growing up, so I’ll play a little from St. Vincent, Weezer, Cake, etc. Music is something we listen to when we want to feel something.We listen to nursery rhymes when we’re bored and need something to do.

When Miles was younger, I used to give myself rules: 3 actual curse words in a song is ok, sparse use of the N-word is allowable as long as he knows that we’re not allowed to say it and I make sure he watches that Blackish episode, and music is a personal expression: everything is ok as long as the song is good! Amirite?!  However, since Miles repeated me saying “shit” I need to start being more selective about his music.

I don’t want to be a Kidz Bop/Disney radio mom. I made a playlist for Miles of all the old school and new music that’s (for the most part) safe for kids. I told myself that I wasn’t going to ever only listen to the Itsy Bitsy Spider and other nursery rhymes because it will suck out my soul and I will keel over.

Not all nursery songs are horrible and it’s not like I’m above listening to ducklings getting lost over the hill. It just sucks. It sucks so much. And I love my music. Alright Universe, you took my makeup morning ritual, my joy of wearing skinny jeans all day, everyday, and my casual chunky heel to anywhere (even at Kroger) rule. Leave me with the music makes me feel like I am cool person who is worth having a blog. I don’t want to basically give up another part of me that makes me feel like me.

But Miles just glows when he hears a song he knows at reading time. We also have a fabulous dance sequence for “Baby Shark“. I would also love for him to learn all the words to “Landslide”, but that’s probably a stretch. Any 70s music I listen to is entirely my father’s fault and the weekly drives to my piano lessons. I think a good compromise would be Fleetwood Mac doing nursery rhymes.

Do you have a favorite song where you can’t listen to with your kid? Does anyone have recommendations on nursery song albums that are actually good?

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