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Son, there will be a day when we’ll let you play other video games other than Mario Kart. I know you love that game. The one or two days when we let you play before bedtime now results in you pointing at the TV saying “beep beep”. But there will be a day when you’re much older where we’ll show that there are way more videos games than just Mario Kart.

I’m a longtime fan of shooter games. I just want to kill something and then do laundry. Your dad and I have been playing a lot of Gears of War. And your dad, bless his heart. As much as I love your dad… bless his heart.

So I’ve made the proactive decision of just laying down the ground rules for doing FPS or TPS co-op games because I want to instill in some good manners both in the real world and in video games… and not play like your dad.

  1. Stay out of my sight line. Be aware that I am on either your left or right side, so don’t take up the whole screen with your big ol’ head.
  2. Don’t say “Where are we going?” every time we finish a fight. It’s called exploring, so walk around and find some ammo.
  3. When you do find ammo, check with your teammates to see if they need the ammo more than you. Don’t be greedy.
  4. Use multiple weapons and don’t stick with your trusty assault rifle. Learn to snipe and sometimes, when you’re inside building you can whip out your shotgun. Learn to use different guns.
  5. Don’t always rush through a map because if you reach a checkpoint right when your friend finds ammo, she’ll spawn next to you and she’ll hate you for the rest of the chapter.
  6. Pay attention to the game because as much as we just want to rush through a game, you sometimes need to understand what’s happening in the story to find the next door you need to go through.

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