We’re all sick…

I want to apologize to all 3 of my readers, probably -3 at this point in this blog’s life. I can’t say that too much has happened which caused this severe lack of blog posts. We’re just living here in Atlanta doing our best, freelancing, and trying not to get sick. Alas, we all got sick so we’re all wearing sweats 24/7 (which is different from any other day) and buying gallons of the miracle nectar they call orange juice.

I want to also tell you that I’ve been spending a lot of my time indulging in my newest hobby, which I won’t reveal because who knows how long this hobby will last. Hopefully, in the not so distance future, I can tell you about it.

We’ve all been sick here in the land of “other side of the internet”. Also it snowed. I’m also writing this under the influence of a lot of Dayquil and miracle juice, which is the best way to write a blog post.

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