Mom life/frozen pizza life

You know what I think is romantic?

My husband putting nail polish only fingernails while I fall asleep and then comfortably laying me down and watching my hands for 30 minutes to make sure I don’t ruin my nails. That is romantic.

You guys, I am tired all the time. It’s especially draining because I’ve been holding the fort down while my mother in law is away, Mark is useless because he took a billion shots for his international work trip and he’s suffering the effects, and I’m still freelancing. It’s kind of been a week… the past two weeks.

I went grocery shopping the other night and there was this adorable giggly couple in front of me in the checkout line. They’re buying crap beer, party cups, a pineapple, and like those tiny umbrellas.

What was in my sad array of Friday evening items: 2 types of draino, pantyliners, frozen pizza, orange juice, and other random fun things a mom would buy on a Friday evening.

So yeah, that couple in front of me is probably going to a party while I convince Mark to paint my nails and then hold my hands over my head while I sleep. What a night.

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(Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash)

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