11 Things About The Author of This Blog

  1. I have a husband who works in IT (no other explanation needed), a kid who doesn’t believe in wearing pants, and a cat named Burger who secretly hates me for bringing a tiny human into our home.
  2. Sometimes I listen to hip hop music while I write to pump myself up and trick myself into thinking my life is more interesting than it actually is.
  3. My parents met in the U.S. in the 1970s. Apparently, they met at a Halloween party. I was born in Savannah but I don’t have a discernible Southern accent.
  4. I’m an avid fan of dropping gifs in links even though it’s probably not the best user experience. I don’t care. I’m just letting you know I’m going to be that type of person. Also I end sentences with prepositions.
  5. I once fell down on an icy patch on the sidewalk and a homeless man laughed at me. Well, he was either homeless or drunk… or both. Basically, I’ve fallen down in public so much that it doesn’t phase me anymore.
  6. I knew I wanted to write professionally when I wrote a story in 10th grade literature that just dazzled my teacher. I thought I was going to be journalist when I started college and then I knew I wanted to work in advertising, literally weeks before graduating. I would still like to write professionally.
  7. My grandmother accidentally fed my best friend and me dog biscuits. I knew something was up three bites into my beef jerky. Fun fact: I had a pair of annoying alternative-emo skater friends who used to eat Milkbone biscuits in middle school. Kids are dumb.
  8. I got a green gummy bear tattooed on my left elbow for my son. The first time I saw him in an ultrasound, he looked like a gummy bear waving at me with his stubby pre-arms.
  9. I had a crush on 3 teachers: my 5th grader teacher Mr. Sanders because I was a weird child who thought Mr. Sanders was a kind and gentle soul for not yelling at asshole 5th graders all day; my high school Spanish teacher Mr. C because he always clapped back when students were being smart with him; and my 12th grade English teacher Mr. Clifton because he scared the shit out of me even though he was just a big NERD who said an English degree is the hardest degree anyone could ever receive. Mr. Clifton was also painfully sentimental and would read “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” to every senior class and the thought of that still warms my heart.
  10. I thought about starting a YouTube channel where I lip synch to songs while I put on makeup. If people can watch an Asian chick mash her face in bread, I figured I would have an audience somewhere.
  11. I revel in the fact that I know more about coffee than my tech savvy husband and beer aficionado sister, and I mentally roll in a bed of coffee beans when they ask me what kind of coffee to order.


Picture of author and her child
Miles and me killing it at a Halloween party.