An Education✨ 🎮✨

Son, there will be a day when we’ll let you play other video games other than Mario Kart. I know you love that game. The one or two days when we let you play before bedtime now results in you pointing at the TV saying “beep beep”. But there will be a day when you’reContinue reading

Mom-Friendly Music

Are you a parent? Do you have music you no longer listen to because it’s weird hearing about fucking or getting high while your toddler is pointing out the color of cars while you drive by them? If you are and you do, welcome to the club! St. Vincent came out with Masseduction this month.Continue reading

Seeking an Immediate Full Time Hire

Job Title: Co-Director of Home Management and Youth Culture Summary: We’re looking for a dynamic self-starter who loves craft projects as much as he/she love scheduling dentist appointments. This passionate individual will work in a small team consisting of one team member who cannot speak full sentences or understand simple directions. This role calls forContinue reading

No, We’re Not Chinese…

Miles in his Woody costume and all cowboy-ed up

When I was a kid, my relatives from Guam started moving to U.S. and we had family get-togethers every weekend. My cousins would do Mano Po to relatives when they came inside the house. Mano Po is when you ask your elders for a blessing by placing their hand to your forehead. As a shockedContinue reading

Enemies of The Mom

Picture of Daniel Tiger

  Daniel Tiger Neighborhood I have a personal vendetta against Daniel Tiger Neighborhood.  I strongly dislike the idea that everything can be solved by a song or that kids just willingly see what they’ve done wrong and correct it.  Yes, all of our problems will be solved in 20 minutes and there will be multipleContinue reading