An Education✨ 🎮✨

Son, there will be a day when we’ll let you play other video games other than Mario Kart. I know you love that game. The one or two days when we let you play before bedtime now results in you pointing at the TV saying “beep beep”. But there will be a day when you’reContinue reading

No, We’re Not Chinese…

Miles in his Woody costume and all cowboy-ed up

When I was a kid, my relatives from Guam started moving to U.S. and we had family get-togethers every weekend. My cousins would do Mano Po to relatives when they came inside the house. Mano Po is when you ask your elders for a blessing by placing their hand to your forehead. As a shockedContinue reading

Enemies of The Mom

Picture of Daniel Tiger

  Daniel Tiger Neighborhood I have a personal vendetta against Daniel Tiger Neighborhood.  I strongly dislike the idea that everything can be solved by a song or that kids just willingly see what they’ve done wrong and correct it.  Yes, all of our problems will be solved in 20 minutes and there will be multipleContinue reading

The Park Dad Story

Picture of park bench

Sometimes when you’re soaking in sweat and you have a wedgie that’s increasingly becoming more ferocious and obnoxious with every minute, someone notices you. And then you realize that you can be a mom and still be a woman. Tl;DR: You’re still a hot piece of ass and I don’t care how many times you’veContinue reading

Badass, nonetheless.

When I chopped off all my hair, my sister said to make sure I don’t get a “may I speak to your manager” haircut. You know the short hair/helmet combo? It is usually paired with an embroidered vest and crisp, white sneakers. I assured her that that was not the look I was going for.Continue reading

A Good Ugly Cry

box of tissues, remote control, and another remote control

Since becoming a mom, I’ve been enjoying the emotional roller coaster that is watching dramatic movies with a child in it. It’s true that you become 150% more invested in movies with kids and whatever obstacles the parent must overcome. Before baby, I cried during 3 movies: Charlotte’s Web Lilo and Stitch Shawshank Redemption ThereContinue reading